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 INPALMS :: 8th Congress of Indo-Pacific Association of Law, Medicing and Forensic Science
September 19-24, 2004
Manila Hotel
Manila, Philippines
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Message from the Chairperson
Dear Colleagues & Friends,

Come September 19-24, 2004, the 8th Indo Pacific Congress on Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences to be held at the historic Manila Hotel in Ermita, Manila, Philippines, led by its President Professor Stephen Cordner.

In line with its theme, "Challenges Facing the Forensic Practitioner in the 21st Century" we hope to engender an active participation in the free paper and poster sessions and an interesting interaction in our scientific for a.

This is guaranteed to be a grate opportunity to share with one another inputs in a field that has undergone tremendous strides in information and technology the past decade.

See you all in Manila!

Fraternally yours,

Teresita R. Sanchez, M.D., LL.B.
Chair, 8th Congress of INPALMS

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History of INPALMS
The Indo-Pacific Association of Law, Medicine and Science (INPALMS) was inaugurated on 16th August 1986 in Colombo, Sri Lanka, during the International Congress. The Constitution was adopted, office bearers and council elected and the location of the Secretariat was decided in order to cater to the needs and coordinate activities of international and individual members. A Newsletter is circulated. The proceedings of most of the congress were published.

The triannual international meeting is hosted by countries in the Indo-Pacific and the venue is decided at the General Meeting of INPALMS held during the congress. The Congress in Sri Lanka was called the 2nd Congress on Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, to give recognition to the 1st Asian Pacific Congress held in 1983 in Singapore.

India, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan and Australia followed. Each Congress was accomplished by an Organizing Committee headed by the Chairman, with support from the respective national organizations of the host country. The Chairman was a distinguished forensic personality in his chosen field, The Manila Congress, the 8th to be held in September, differs in that the Chair is qualified and practices law as well as medicine and belongs to the fair sex.

Teresita Ramirez Sanchez, M.D., LL.B., was successful in her bid to host the 8th Congress bringing honour to the Philippines. She heads an organizing committee that represents the Forensic Medicine Association and Forensic Science Society in the Philippines. Assistance from distinguished support groups in the country has been forthcoming. The enormous amount of painstaking work that is going on in Manila in preparation for the Congress is known to those concerned outside the host country.

Every Congress had a similar basic structure, yet each differed necessarily, due to the diversity of culture and practices that proved to be so fruitful when it came to the Academic Sessions as well as Social Programmes. Both delegate and accompanying person will no doubt be delighted with the five days that are in store from 19th to 24th September. The Chairperson and all organizers are looking forward to provide the traditional eastern and particular Philippine hospitality. So please do not let this opportunity go by.

Prof. M.S.L. Salgado
Past President, INPALMS
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